HAIR ENVY: Lily Duevel

It’s officially the start of fall, and we’re celebrating by featuring one of our favorite Chicago ladies in the latest installment of our hair envy series. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Lily Duevel for numerous events and not only is she a true talent, but she’s also a total sweetheart and so fun to be around. She’s the founder and lead stylist of adoptedSTYLE; the fashion & lifestyle sales director for Cheeky Chicago and also works in events for The CHICago Life Blog. Needless to say, we were thrilled when she agreed to take time from her busy schedule to tell us a little more about her daily beauty routine, product must-haves and favorite Chicago spots!


Photo: Lindsey Cavanaugh; Dress: Karen Millen London

What’s your current occupation?: Founder + Lead Stylist of adoptedSTYLE

How’d you get into the field, and why?: When I was growing up, my mother used to produce and manage fashion shows for local boutiques. I used to sit backstage, watching her & the models and looking at the clothes, and I knew that I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.

What are some of your favorite Chicago spots?: I am in love with Prasino in Wicker Park. Not only is it right down the street from where I live, I have dreams about their Lobster Avocado appetizer! I also love having brunch outside at Bridge House Tavern in the summertime and love NoMI for pre-dinner cocktails whenever I’m downtown.


Prasino’s Lobster Avocado | Photo Courtesy of Prasino 

Where’s your hood?: I live in Wicker Park but am a total River North girl (sorry, WP peeps)! I used to live right downtown and realized that I didn’t need to live where I also played. Wicker Park is a great area for that neighborhood feel, and it has huge perks for my dog!

Do you have a go-to hairstyle? If so, what is it?: My signature go-to hairstyle is a sock bun… minus the sock. My hair is so thick and long that I usually just throw it up after the shower; otherwise, it takes forever to dry.

Do you vary your look season to season? How does your routine change in the summer vs. winter?: As for a beauty routine, I definitely don’t change my look from season to season, although I do have a much different routine for the day vs. going out at night. Typically, on any given day, you will find me with a wet sock bun, no make up, and in whatever comfortable clothes I could find that morning. When I go out at night, I almost always wear my hair down, beautify with Makeup Forever products, and am in high heels because I hate being short!

What are a few of the season’s best hair trends?: I am in love with fall braids, like French braids, side braids, top knot braids, etc. It makes your outfit seem cozy and laid back, yet still very classic and put together.

Biggest beauty splurges?: It’s a good thing I don’t wear make up every day because my biggest beauty splurge is Makeup Forever products. If I wore it all of the time, then I would be broke because it is definitely on the pricier side. Once you try it, though, you can never go back!

What does a bad hair day look like for you?: A low ponytail, which usually means I didn’t have the energy to try and put it up in a sock bun and/or that I attempted, and it kept falling out. Fail.

Would you rather – hair down or hair up?: I tend to wear my hair up most often, but I would rather have it down and curly all of the time.

Whose hair do you envy?: Lisa Hochstein from The Real Housewives of Miami. It is always perfectly curled, never has fly-aways, and is beyond shiny!

What’s a style you’d love to try at Blowtique that would be too hard to try at home?: I loved Amelia Canham Eaton’s Braided top knot from last year’s ‘Hello, Oscar!’ party at PUBLIC Hotel. My arm would get too tired from holding my hair up, and I would never be able to get it to look that chic!


Lily let us know that the next time she gets her hair cut, she’s planning to lose 5-6 inches! Stay tuned for ‘after’ photos here and for more information on Lily, visit adoptedSTYLE or her Twitter!

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